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Academic Inclusivity and Luso-Hispanic Studies Today:

An online conversation

with Tamara Walker and Catherine Boyle

chaired by Alison Ribeiro de Menezes



Monday 1 February 2021 at 5pm GMT (12pm EST)


  • Just how inclusive is Luso-Hispanic academia today?

  • We have seen debates regarding the nomenclature of our fields of research and teaching, and thus the names of our departments and schools, but has this attention to cultural and identity differences extended to intellectual approaches, to scholarly practices, and to professional life?

  • Do some debates on inclusion lead to hidden or unexpected exclusions and segregations?

  • Which exclusions have not been attended to, and what are the consequences?

  • Whose voices don’t get heard and how might we remediate this?


The event will take place on Zoom. To register please go to:




Tamara Walker is Associate Professor of History at the University of Toronto. Her scholarly interests encompass three interrelated thematic areas: the history of slavery and freedom in Latin America; the process of racial formation in the region; and the ways in which gender shaped the experience of enslavement and racialization. Her work is also inspired by the methodological concern of recovering the subjectivities of enslaved and free people of African descent who rarely had direct access to writing and whose voices were heavily mediated when they did appear on record. 


Catherine Boyle is Professor of Latin American Cultural Studies and Director of the Centre for Language Acts and Worldmaking at King’s College London. Her research has always been informed by the investigation of the ways in which cultural expressions are produced within their socio-historic context. This has led to extensive work in the areas of cultural studies, theatre and translation. Catherine was co-founder and editor of the Journal of Latin American Cultural Studies (1992) and is Principal Investigator on AHRC’s flagship project, Language Acts and Worldmaking. The is also President-Elect of the Association of Hispanists of Great Britain and Ireland.

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