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Araya Rojas, Sandra

Position: PhD researcher, GTA and Lecturer in Spanish

Institution: King’s College London and BISC Queen’s University, UK 

Research Areas: Female literature; gender; theatre; 19th century.

Arraes Peixoto Rocha, Maria Clara

Position: Postgraduate student

Institution: Universidade Regional do Cariri, Brazil

Research Areas: Gender; sex; sexualities; justice; democracy and human rights.

Bastos, Lucia Elena Arantes Ferreira

Position: Lawyer

Institution: Independent Human Rights Researcher, Brazil

Research Areas: International human rights; transitional justice; amnesty laws and dictatorships in Latin America; and women’s rights.

Blanco, María-José

Position: Group Analyst (IGA, London)

Institution: King’s College London, UK 


Bowskill, Sarah

Position: Senior Lecturer in Latin American Studies

Institution: Queen's University Belfast, UK

Research Areas: Latin American literature and cultural studies; women's writing; canon formation; sociology of literature; book history; literary prizes and festivals; multimedia cultural production. 

Carbayo-Abengózar, Mercedes

Position: Lecturer

Institution: Maynooth University, Ireland

Research Areas: Spanish cultural studies; representation of women (and mothers) in popular culture.

Castillo Villanueva, Alicia

Position: Assistant Professor in Spanish

Institution: Dublin City University, Ireland

Research Areas: Feminist theory; violence; conflict and memory.


Coelho, Maria Luisa

Position: Post-doctoral fellow

Institution: Universidade do Minho, Portugal/University of Oxford, UK 

Research Areas: Comparative literature and inter-arts; diaspora studies with a particular focus on Anglo-Portuguese encounters in contemporary art and literature; (Portuguese) women artists and writers.

Crosta, Alejandra

Position: Lecturer in Spanish

Institution: St Catherine’s College, University of Oxford, UK 

Research Areas: Translation; Latin American literature, film and poetry; language learning and teaching.


Cullel, Diana

Position: Professor of Hispanic Studies

Institution: University of Liverpool, UK

Research Areas: Spanish contemporary literature; Spanish and Catalan contemporary poetry; performance poetry and new forms of poetry.


Dillon, Lorna

Position: Leverhulme early career fellow

Institution: University of Cambridge, UK

Research Areas: Violeta Parra; Latin American textile art; arpilleras; Chilean art; surrealism.

Elston, Cherilyn

Position: Lecturer in Latin American Cultural Studies

Institution: University of Reading, UK

Research Areas: Latin American women’s writing and feminist history, with a focus on Colombia; memory studies and transitional justice in Colombia; writing by the Colombian diaspora.

Evans, Louise

Position: Postgraduate Research Student in Hispanic Studies

Institution: University of Liverpool, UK

Research Areas: Contemporary Spanish poetry, social media poetry, digital mediums, Golden Age poetesses, literary renown and prestige for female poets.

Faro, Inês

Position: PhD candidate

Institution: Université de Montréal, Canada

Research Areas: Literature; Portuguese; feminism; mental health; psychoanalysis.


Farrelly, Mary

Position: Assistant Professor

Institution: University College Dublin, Ireland

Research Areas: 20th century and contemporary Spanish film, theatre, and television; mysticism; religious figures; hagiography.


Glaze, Olivia

Position: PhD Researcher

Institution: University of Oxford, UK

Research Areas: Colonial War; trauma narratives; autofiction; contemporary women's writing.

Gomez-Cash, Olga

Position: Senior Teaching Fellow in Spanish/Faculty Associate Dean, Education 

Institution: University of Lancaster, UK

Research Areas: Language pedagogy; language policy; wellbeing and learning.

Harvey-Kattou, Liz

Position: Senior Lecturer

Institution: University of Westminster, UK

Research Areas: Latin American film; Central American film; literature and culture. 

Haywood, Louise 

Position: Reader

Institution: Trinity Hall, University of Cambridge, UK

Research Areas: Gender, humour, identity, the body and the group in Iberian literature and culture before 1500 CE.

Kelly, Deirdre

Position: Assistant Lecturer

Institution: Technological University Dublin, Ireland

Research Areas: Contemporary Spanish literature; contemporary Spanish women's writing; life writing; non-fiction; auto/biography; memory studies.

Lourenço Dias, Alexandra

Position: Camões Lecturer in Portuguese Studies and Director of Camões Centre for Portuguese Language and Culture

Institution: King's College London, UK

Research Areas: Portuguese graphic novels; visual cultures; post-colonialism and transnationalism in Portuguese speaking Africa.

Madden, Deborah

Position: Lecturer in Hispanic Studies

Institution: Lancaster University 

Research Areas: Iberian feminisms; sexual violence; women's writing; biopolitics; political discourses; reproductive justice.

O'Connor, Tracy M M

Position: Doctoral Researcher

Institution: Queen's University Belfast, UK

Research areas: Mozambican post-conflict cinema.


Ogden, Rebecca

Position: Lecturer in Latin American Studies 

Institution: University of Kent, UK

Research areas: Mexico, Cuba, reproductive politics including childbirth and midwifery. 


Parra Lazcano, Lourdes

Position: Teaching Fellow in Spanish and Latin American Studies  

Institution: University of Aberdeen, UK

Research areas: Multispecies studies; plant studies; animal studies; women’s writing in Latin America, especially Mexico.


Pazos Alonso, Claudia

Position: Professor of Portuguese and Gender Studies

Institution: University of Oxford, UK

Research areas: Portuguese women's writing from the 19th century onwards; modernism and gender; periodical culture.


Peate, Ailsa

Position: Lecturer in Hispanic and Museum Studies

Institution: University of Westminster.

Research Areas: Symbolic reparations, pre-transitional and transitional justice contexts in Mexico and Colombia, representational practices and participatory action research in Mexico and Colombia, popular culture in Mexico, narcoculture in Mexico.

Rabadán Vega, María Belén

Position: Spanish Tutor

Institution: Maynooth University, Ireland

Research Areas: María Eva Duarte de Perón; Peronism; Argentine cultural studies; translation studies.

Rea, Lauren

Position: Professor in Latin American Studies 

Institution: University of Sheffield, UK

Research Areas: Cultural history of Argentina; childhoods and children's culture; print and digital cultures. 

Ribeiro de Menezes, Alison

Position: Professor

Institution: University of Warwick, UK

Rios Rivera, Abril

Position: Doctoral researcher and Convenor of Migration Oxford

Institution: University of Oxford

Research areas: gender and sexuality in migration, forced migration in the Global South, agency and empowerment.


Seguí, Isabel

Position: Leverhulme Early Career Fellow  

Institution: University of Edinburgh, UK

Research areas: Bolivian cinema; Peruvian cinema; documentary; feminist film history; testimonio.

Sinclair, Alison

Position: Professor Emeritus

Institution: University of Cambridge and Clare College, Cambridge, UK

Research areas: Digital humanities (pliegos sueltos); popular culture of 18th and 19th century Spain; history of the book; intellectual history.

Soares, Inês Virgínia Prado

Position: Federal Judge and co-leader of the research group on Archeology of Repression and Resistance at Federal University of Pelotas (UFPel – Brazil), with funding from the National Council for Scientific Development (CNPq)

Institution: Federal University of Pelotas (UFPel – Brazil)

Research Areas: Human rights and cultural rights, with emphasis on cultural heritage, archeology and collective memory; and transitional justice.

Taylor, Claire

Position: Gilmour Chair of Spanish and Professor in Hispanic Studies  

Institution: University of Liverpool, UK

Research areas: 20th and 21st century literature, particularly new and emerging digital genres (e-poetry, hypermedia narrative, blog fiction, etc), and women’s writing; memory studies, memory practices and transitional justice contexts in Latin America, especially Colombia.

Thornton, Niamh

Position: Reader in Latin American Studies  

Institution: University of Liverpool, UK

Research areas: Mexican and Chicana/o/x film, literature, and digital cultures with a particular focus on war stories, gendered narratives, star studies, cultures of taste, and distributed content.

Usoz De la Fuente, Maite

Position: Lecturer  

Institution: University of Leicester, UK

Research areas: Cultural production in post-Franco Spain, with a particular interest in women's writing and cultural representations of the 2008 crisis and its effects. 

Valderrama-Burgos, Karol (She/Her)

Position:  Associate Lecturer (Ed. Focused) in Spanish Language, Literature and Culture

Institution: University of St Andrews, UK

Research Areas: Colombian and Latin American cinemas; women filmmakers’ productions; decolonial thought and representations of gender.


Varese, Monica

Position: Retired

Research Areas: Women's writing; women in art.


Vilches, Patricia

Position: Professor of Spanish and Italian

Institution: Lawrence University, USA

Research Areas: Latin American cultural and literary studies; space studies; Violeta Parra; Alberto Blest Gana. 

Vohnsen, Mirna

Position: Lecturer in Spanish

Institution: Technological University Dublin, Ireland

Research Areas: Latin American cinema; ethnicity; Jewishness; argentinidad; minorities in film; gender identity; cultural identity.

Williams, Claire

Position: Associate Professor of Brazilian Literature and Culture

Institution: University of Oxford and St Peter’s College, UK

Research Areas:  Women's writing; minority writing and life-writing from the Lusophone world.


Iguazú Falls, Misiones, Argentina. Courtesy of Brian Vohnsen

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