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Araya Rojas, Sandra

Position: PhD researcher, GTA and Lecturer in Spanish

Institution: King’s College London and BISC Queen’s University, UK 

Research Areas: Female literature; gender; theatre; 19th century.

Arraes Peixoto Rocha, Maria Clara

Position: Postgraduate student

Institution: Universidade Regional do Cariri, Brazil

Research Areas: Gender; sex; sexualities; justice; democracy and human rights.

Bastos, Lucia Elena Arantes Ferreira

Position: Lawyer

Institution: Independent Human Rights Researcher, Brazil

Research Areas: International human rights; transitional justice; amnesty laws and dictatorships in Latin America; and women’s rights.

Blanco, María-José

Position: Group Analyst (IGA, London)

Institution: King’s College London, UK 


Bowskill, Sarah

Position: Senior Lecturer in Latin American Studies

Institution: Queen's University Belfast, UK

Research Areas: Latin American literature and cultural studies; women's writing; canon formation; sociology of literature; book history; literary prizes and festivals; multimedia cultural production. 

Carbayo-Abengózar, Mercedes

Position: Lecturer

Institution: Maynooth University, Ireland

Research Areas: Spanish cultural studies; representation of women (and mothers) in popular culture.

Castillo Villanueva, Alicia

Position: Assistant Professor in Spanish

Institution: Dublin City University, Ireland

Research Areas: Feminist theory; violence; conflict and memory.


Coelho, Maria Luisa

Position: Post-doctoral fellow

Institution: Universidade do Minho, Portugal/University of Oxford, UK 

Research Areas: Comparative literature and inter-arts; diaspora studies with a particular focus on Anglo-Portuguese encounters in contemporary art and literature; (Portuguese) women artists and writers.

Crosta, Alejandra

Position: Lecturer in Spanish

Institution: St Catherine’s College, University of Oxford, UK 

Research Areas: Translation; Latin American literature, film and poetry; language learning and teaching.


Cullel, Diana

Position: Professor of Hispanic Studies

Institution: University of Liverpool, UK

Research Areas: Spanish contemporary literature; Spanish and Catalan contemporary poetry; performance poetry and new forms of poetry.


Dillon, Lorna

Position: Leverhulme early career fellow

Institution: University of Cambridge, UK

Research Areas: Violeta Parra; Latin American textile art; arpilleras; Chilean art; surrealism.

Elston, Cherilyn

Position: Lecturer in Latin American Cultural Studies

Institution: University of Reading, UK

Research Areas: Latin American women’s writing and feminist history, with a focus on Colombia; memory studies and transitional justice in Colombia; writing by the Colombian diaspora.

Evans, Louise

Position: Postgraduate Research Student in Hispanic Studies

Institution: University of Liverpool, UK

Research Areas: Contemporary Spanish poetry, social media poetry, digital mediums, Golden Age poetesses, literary renown and prestige for female poets.

Faro, Inês

Position: PhD candidate

Institution: Université de Montréal, Canada

Research Areas: Literature; Portuguese; feminism; mental health; psychoanalysis.


Farrelly, Mary

Position: Assistant Professor

Institution: University College Dublin, Ireland

Research Areas: 20th century and contemporary Spanish film, theatre, and television; mysticism; religious figures; hagiography.


Glaze, Olivia

Position: PhD Researcher

Institution: University of Oxford, UK

Research Areas: Colonial War; trauma narratives; autofiction; contemporary women's writing.

Gomez-Cash, Olga

Position: Senior Teaching Fellow in Spanish/Faculty Associate Dean, Education 

Institution: University of Lancaster, UK

Research Areas: Language pedagogy; language policy; wellbeing and learning.

Harvey-Kattou, Liz

Position: Senior Lecturer

Institution: University of Westminster, UK

Research Areas: Latin American film; Central American film; literature and culture. 

Haywood, Louise 

Position: Reader

Institution: Trinity Hall, University of Cambridge, UK

Research Areas: Gender, humour, identity, the body and the group in Iberian literature and culture before 1500 CE.

Kelly, Deirdre

Position: Assistant Lecturer

Institution: Technological University Dublin, Ireland

Research Areas: Contemporary Spanish literature; contemporary Spanish women's writing; life writing; non-fiction; auto/biography; memory studies.

Lourenço Dias, Alexandra

Position: Camões Lecturer in Portuguese Studies and Director of Camões Centre for Portuguese Language and Culture

Institution: King's College London, UK

Research Areas: Portuguese graphic novels; visual cultures; post-colonialism and transnationalism in Portuguese speaking Africa.

Madden, Deborah

Position: Lecturer in Hispanic Studies

Institution: Lancaster University 

Research Areas: Iberian feminisms; sexual violence; women's writing; biopolitics; political discourses; reproductive justice.

O'Connor, Tracy M M

Position: Doctoral Researcher

Institution: Queen's University Belfast, UK

Research areas: Mozambican post-conflict cinema.


Ogden, Rebecca

Position: Lecturer in Latin American Studies 

Institution: University of Kent, UK

Research areas: Mexico, Cuba, reproductive politics including childbirth and midwifery. 


Parra Lazcano, Lourdes

Position: Teaching Fellow in Spanish and Latin American Studies  

Institution: University of Aberdeen, UK

Research areas: Multispecies studies; plant studies; animal studies; women’s writing in Latin America, especially Mexico.


Pazos Alonso, Claudia

Position: Professor of Portuguese and Gender Studies

Institution: University of Oxford, UK

Research areas: Portuguese women's writing from the 19th century onwards; modernism and gender; periodical culture.


Rabadán Vega, María Belén

Position: Spanish Tutor

Institution: Maynooth University, Ireland

Research Areas: María Eva Duarte de Perón; Peronism; Argentine cultural studies; translation studies.

Rea, Lauren

Position: Senior Lecturer in Latin American Studies 

Institution: University of Sheffield, UK

Research Areas: Cultural history of Argentina; childhoods and children's culture; print and digital cultures. 

Ribeiro de Menezes, Alison

Position: Professor

Institution: University of Warwick, UK

Seguí, Isabel

Position: Leverhulme Early Career Fellow  

Institution: University of Edinburgh, UK

Research areas: Bolivian cinema; Peruvian cinema; documentary; feminist film history; testimonio.

Sinclair, Alison

Position: Professor Emeritus

Institution: University of Cambridge and Clare College, Cambridge, UK

Research areas: Digital humanities (pliegos sueltos); popular culture of 18th and 19th century Spain; history of the book; intellectual history.

Soares, Inês Virgínia Prado

Position: Federal Judge and co-leader of the research group on Archeology of Repression and Resistance at Federal University of Pelotas (UFPel – Brazil), with funding from the National Council for Scientific Development (CNPq)

Institution: Federal University of Pelotas (UFPel – Brazil)

Research Areas: Human rights and cultural rights, with emphasis on cultural heritage, archeology and collective memory; and transitional justice.

Taylor, Claire

Position: Gilmour Chair of Spanish and Professor in Hispanic Studies  

Institution: University of Liverpool, UK

Research areas: 20th and 21st century literature, particularly new and emerging digital genres (e-poetry, hypermedia narrative, blog fiction, etc), and women’s writing; memory studies, memory practices and transitional justice contexts in Latin America, especially Colombia.

Thornton, Niamh

Position: Reader in Latin American Studies  

Institution: University of Liverpool, UK

Research areas: Mexican and Chicana/o/x film, literature, and digital cultures with a particular focus on war stories, gendered narratives, star studies, cultures of taste, and distributed content.

Usoz De la Fuente, Maite

Position: Lecturer  

Institution: University of Leicester, UK

Research areas: Cultural production in post-Franco Spain, with a particular interest in women's writing and cultural representations of the 2008 crisis and its effects. 

Valderrama-Burgos, Karol (She/Her)

Position:  Associate Lecturer (Ed. Focused) in Spanish Language, Literature and Culture

Institution: University of St Andrews, UK

Research Areas: Colombian and Latin American cinemas; women filmmakers’ productions; decolonial thought and representations of gender.


Varese, Monica

Position: Retired

Research Areas: Women's writing; women in art.


Vilches, Patricia

Position: Professor of Spanish and Italian

Institution: Lawrence University, USA

Research Areas: Latin American cultural and literary studies; space studies; Violeta Parra; Alberto Blest Gana. 

Vohnsen, Mirna

Position: Assistant Lecturer

Institution: Technological University Dublin, Ireland

Research Areas: Latin American cinema; ethnicity; Jewishness; argentinidad; minorities in film; gender identity; cultural identity.

Williams, Claire

Position: Associate Professor of Brazilian Literature and Culture

Institution: University of Oxford and St Peter’s College, UK

Research Areas:  Women's writing; minority writing and life-writing from the Lusophone world.


Iguazú Falls, Misiones, Argentina. Courtesy of Brian Vohnsen

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